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23/03/2012 15:58:322 projects now public, the next one in build, one still in minimal alpha.
17/08/2009 11:06:14FALE NOW ON. ALL CONFIG MUST GO.
22/03/2009 13:45:47The week now runs: "Monday? Tuesday? WTF?"
29/12/2008 01:50:56You know when you spend too much time on the decks in a single timeframe, when you listen to your own mixes on playback and skip thru the tracks to doublecheck how badly/well you did the mixes.
25/12/2008 15:59:31In further efforts of epic overkill in hosting this site, we now have a second host handling high-bandwith (aka DJ mix MP3s) and experimental (aka badly written CGI scripts) content.
07/11/2008 21:37:41and as per most other docs, set your working directories to a removeable device (8 gig SD chips are cheap now, anything else is a false economy), and aim Audacity's mp3 export prefs at /usr/lib/ - and done.
04/05/2008 11:17:27and now with css. 456 bytes of the stuff, but enough to make this site asfetic^H^H^H^H^H^Haethist^H^H^H^H^Hblingy for people who whine about that kind of thing, and still keep the speed high.
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21/12/2007 13:50:59It even works from a crackberry whilst stuck on a train in the arse end of nowhere.....
08/06/2006 18:44:39Gprs is a bit mental, but nokia 6230i to web page with low bandwidth pages is quite neat. Now, no time to edit content but the ability to publish from anywhere...
13/12/2003 20:50:41You know when you've had a brainfart for a month, when
28/11/2003 04:18:04As viewable in the artistic bit. Now, here's an interesting
19/10/2003 21:17:09First, there was HTML and the link, now we have the graphic..
19/10/2003 20:51:36not the kind of people who associate with people that don't know
19/10/2003 18:48:17I am now going even more minimal 10 seconds later.
19/10/2003 18:28:37I am now going even more minimal 10 seconds later.
19/10/2003 18:28:11I am now going even more minimal 90 seconds later.
19/10/2003 18:20:55I am now going even more minimal 60 seconds later.
19/10/2003 18:20:30I am now going minimal.

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