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09/05/2010 20:24:16Win: Cisco 2500s firing up for the first time in 10 years no problems.
22/04/2010 09:34:05*FIRST* the DNS lookup, *THEN* routing to host IP, *THEN* HTTP(/s) socket connect, *THEN* your website config/content kicks in.
26/09/2009 11:35:30Its actually pretty easy. Call the first one 'miracle', the second one 'backup', and the third one 'whoops'. Job done.
06/02/2009 14:02:47for the first time, something actually useful - - hopefully without too many screaming security holes in it. Because is too bloated for crackberet usage.
22/03/2008 10:02:26quoted from the first Google hit for "test text". Which explains where a lot of the spambots that try to break baesyian filtering.
19/10/2003 21:17:09First, there was HTML and the link, now we have the graphic..
19/10/2003 21:08:43Here we try to break the system. First off, throwing HTML in:

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